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Global Command and Control [GCCS] Support

Märzen has extensive experience with the Global Command and Control System [GCCS] on both the UNIX and Windows platforms.  

On the UNIX platform Märzen staff have developed extensive field experience with the testing, installation and deployment of GCCS infrastructure, GCCS applications, and networking components. 

Märzen staff were heavily involved with the design, installation,  and cut-over of the GCCS AF help desk at the NOSC on Gunter AFB, and world wide deployment of GCCS at the over 200 US Air National Guard Facilities. 

On the Windows platform Märzen staff, working for the GCCS AF Program Office, are responsible for the design, implementation, test, and fielding of the GCCS AF NT Extended Baseline [NTxB].  The NTxB provides a feature rich, DII COE compliant, NT workstation for operation at the DOD SECRET level.  The NTxB is operational at GCCS AF facilities and Joint Command Centers worldwide.  

Märzen staff have taken the lead in the Advanced Technology evaluations for the GCCS-AF.  Items being evaluated include Smartcard Technologies, Light Weight Clients, disaster back-up and recovery solutions, new client server and peripheral hardware and biometrics. 


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