What's a Märzen Group Anyway ? - And what's with that funny ä ?

The name of the company was chosen by our founders, Doug Morris and Bob Blaisdell.  It is derived from their long standing interest and planned participation in the beer brewing industry. 

"Märzen" is a German word that roughly translates to mean "from the Month of March".  But perhaps more importantly, Märzen is also the name for the style of lager bier that derives its name from the month in which it is traditionally brewed.  Today the Märzen style is famous for the fact that is the beer that is served at the Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany.
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By the way - the four colors in the Märzen Logo (Blue text on gold, green, and white) - are representative of the four ingredients that constitute a true Märzen Bier (If you fancy the German Reinheitsgebot).  Blue for water, white for yeast, (B&W are also the Bavarian colors), green for hops, and gold for barley.   Enjoy!

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